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We have a full service bicycle shop which means we can help you with any aspect of your bicycles. Whether you have a high end road or mountain bike, child's bike or anything in between, we can offer you our services on any bicycle make and model. Our most popular services include Tune-ups, Flat tire repair, Wheel truing(straightening), Bicycle fitting and Bicycle rentals. We are dedicated to providing excellent service and will never suprise you by charging with services or items that were not discussed or approved. Below are just a number of our services along with descriptions. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. Thank you for supporting your local bike shop.

Bicycle repair services

Tune-up (Standard)

Our standard tune-up is the perfect service for your bicycle when things are not working quite as well as you remembered they did. Tune-ups include a safety check of bolts and nuts which are imperative to your safety and require proper adjustment and tightness.

Services included in a Tune-Up Service from Bishop's Bicycles

This service also includes an adjustment of front and rear shifters/derailleurs, front and rear brakes, bearings assemblies(wheel hubs, crank/bottom bracket, and headset), truing/straightening of both wheels, a light cleaning of frame and components and proper lubrication of drive train and tire inflation. On top of these services listed, the mechanic will avoid any changes in accessory/fitting configurations and will alert you of any issues undiscovered at check in. Items which are commonly overlooked and that are important to your safety include tire and brake pad condition.

Price (Multiple speed): $69.99*

Price (Single speed): $49.99*

Tune-up (Overhaul)

A minor overhaul is perfect for your favorite bike when you two have spent countless hours riding. Since bicycles do not include any internal cleaning systems, dirt and grime find their ways into your components. Over time they cause severe damage and undesirable performance. An overhaul includes all services provided in a standard tune-up along with removal of all bicycle components and accessories. Components are cleaned and degreased and accessories are wiped free from dirt and grime. All bearing assemblies are inspected and replaced or repacked depending on type and condition. The bicycle is then assembled and configured to its previous state and accessories are reinstalled.

Price (Multiple speed): $150.00*

Flat tire/tube replacement

We can perform most tire/tube change services while you wait. All you need is to bring us your flat tire or complete bicycle and we will handle the rest. The price includes the changing of one(1) wheel/tire but does not include the cost of the tube. (The price of a tube for most bicycles is between $4.25 and $4.99)

Price (Labor): $5.00*

Wheel truing

Service includes truing(straightening) of one (1) wheel. The mechanic will true the wheel (laterally and radially) given the condition it is in. Depending on the condition/configuration and your request, mechanic can also measure the wheel's spoke tension with tensiometer. Correct and equal tension on a wheel's spokes can reduce problems and extend the life of the wheel.

Price (Standard): $10-15.00*

Wheel building/lacing

This service includes the lacing(building) of your rim, hub and spokes along with prepping spoke nipples with spoke prep/cream. The wheel is then trued and tensioned using a tensiometer and cleaned of prep/cream residue. Upon request, The cassette and rim tape can be installed at no additional labor charge (parts are not included this price).

Price (Standard): $40.00-60.00*

Adjustment of brakes and derailleurs

It is important that your brakes and derailleurs/shifters are adjusted properly for you to enjoy riding your bicycle. Responsive shifting and braking not only bring enjoyment but are necessary to ensure your safety.

Price (Brakes): $15.00*

Price (Derailleurs): $15.00*

Adjustment of bearing assemblies

There are a number of items on your bike that require bearings to be adjusted properly for your bicycle to work as intended. If you have something that is making a clunk, vibration, noise or loose sensation, it is more than likely just something that needs adjustment. Your bicycle contains ball bearings which over time need to be cleaned and repacked with grease or replaced. This will extend the bearings' life and ensure trouble free riding down the road. Adjustments and repacks can be performed on headsets, bottom brackets and hubs and are priced per adjustment.

Price (Adjustment): $10.00*

Price (Repack/replace): $20.00*

Boxing/shipping of bicycle

Are you looking to ship/transport your bicycle to another location? We can get your bicycle ready for the journey with our extensive experience with packing bicycles. You can supply your own bike carrying case or we can use a standard shipping box. Upon request we will handle delivery to approved shipping company/transport.

Price (Boxing/packing): $45.00*

Price (Boxing/packing with shipping management): $60.00*

Installation of parts or accessories

We can help you install any parts or accessories on your bicycle. Below are common installations that we offer, but our services extend far beyond that. Prices do not include parts or accessories installed or configured. If you have a question on installation or configuration of parts or accessories please contact us.

Price (Seats, racks, standard computers, baskets, fenders): $10.00*

Price (Cadence/heart rate computers, bar tape): $15.00*

Price (Hybrid conversion): $40.00-60.00*

* All bicycles/accessories are subject to a required 50% down payment or deposit of the cost of the requested work to be completed. All services offered do not include the cost of parts or accessories needed for repair/adjustment/installation/shipping of said item/service. Labor rates can vary depending on age/condition of bicycle/accessory. Please contact us regarding any questions you may have.

Bicycle fitting services

Road/Mountain Fitting

Our bike fitting is designed for cyclists looking for the most out of their bikes. First we look at the general fit of the bike frame in relation to the rider. From there we move on to the finer detail of saddle height, pedal stroke and hand position. We focus on pedal efficiency, breathing technique, comfort and improved performance. Please call for an appointment.

Professional bike fitting is free with the purchase of a bicycle.

Price per hour: $150.00

Hybrid(comfort) Fitting

The ideal bike is a bike you look forward to riding. We strive to match you and your needs with the perfect bicycle by working with you on a one to one basis. With over 500 bicycles in-stock you should set aside time to test ride multiple bikes! Todays hybrid bikes are built with several fully customizable features including gender designed bike frames, size proportionate saddles (seats), adjustable seat posts and handle bars and stems. The end result is a relationship between rider and bike that will have you looking forward to your next ride. Please call for an appointment.

Professional bike fitting is free with the purchase of a bicycle.

Price per hour: $150.00

Helmet Fitting

A helmet can save your life so you should make sure it is approved and fits properly. We have helmets to fit nearly every cyclist in a wide range of colors, shapes and styles (including women’s specific) . The helmet for you is one that fits and is comfortable to wear.

Professional helmet fitting is free with the purchase of a helmet.

Price: $5.00

Bicycle rental services

Comfort bicycle

We offer a nice selection of both men’s and ladies' comfort bikes. These bikes have a nice comfortable saddle (seat) with cruiser style handle bar and stem.

A helmet is provided with each rental at no charge and a bike trail map provided on request. Reservation required. 24 hour cancelation notice required for refund.

Price (All day session): $20.00

Road bicycle

Our road bikes are designed to get you where you want to go fast! Whether you are training for a local triathlon, a charity bike ride or you just want to experience the ride, we have a bike for you. Reservations are recommended for special events.

A helmet is provided with each rental at no charge and a bike trail map provided on request. Reservation required. 24 hour cancelation notice required for refund.

Price (All day session): $30.00

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